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La Prairie: The Cellular Radiance Collection

2014-06-06 Felice posted:

La Prairie, presents at the Porto Rotondo Lanzi Pharmacy:

The dawn of a new skin

The Radiance Collection

During aging the skin faces changes that cause loss of elasticity and hydration, wrinkles become more noticeable and deeper. La Prairie eliminates these imperfections on the surface and under the skin, to combat the lack of skin brightness in the short and long term. From a single golden serum drop of Cellular Radiance Concenttrate Pure Gold to the extraordinary creams (Cellular Radiance Cream and Cellular Raiance Eye Cream) and Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF30, The La Prairie Radiance Collection acts to maintain and enhance the brightness of the skin, using precious ingredients and the latest technology to restore the skin brightness that has been lost with time.

Cellular Radiance Night Cream

La Prairie

La Prairie is proud to expand the collection with the new Cellular Radiance Night Cream, an intensive night treatment that repairs, moisturizes, revitalizes and improves skin radiance. Thanks to rare ingredients and advanced technology, it gives the skin the vital radiance typical of youth during your sleep, taking advantage of the phase of renewal and regeneration of the skin. You will wake up at dawn with a new radiant skin.

La Prairie: The Cellular Radiance Collection