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Lands od Sardinia: Perfumes of a Millenary Land

2015-07-01 Felice posted:

We present our new fragrances Terre di Sardegna designed and produced in the island.

Terre di Sardegna


Terre di Sardegna Unisex is an intriguing and delicate fragrance, where the essences of the distinctive Ladano, of Patchouli and Bergamotto, combine themselves with the sensual notes of Oak Wood for an immediate magical feeling. Created by the intertwining of rare and noble aromas typical of Sardinia, Juniper and Myrtle, this seductive fragrance is capable of carrying whoever wears it on a journey through time and space. A mix of colors typical of the countryside and mountains of the island finish the packaging of this irresistible essence.


Fresh and feminine, Terre di Sardegna Pour Femme expresses the personality of the typical Sardinian woman: simple, determined, but above all independent. The fragrance revisits the legendary perfumes of roses, to create a perfume that is sometimes hazy, other times bright, elegant and seductive. The packaging, however, is inspired by the light colour of the beautiful bays of the island which together with the freshness of the essence, relive the typical sensations of a beach holiday.


Terre di Sardegna


Immediately eye-catching, unique as the famous beach of Cala Luna, the fragrance will appeal to an intriguing and sensual woman, able to seduce without showing off her beauty. The Vanilla Orchid, the almond flower and Caramel Latte, predominant ingredients of Cala Luna, mingle together, creating a very sweet and feminine fragrance that sparkles with sensual elegance and freshness at the same time.

Terre di Sardegna


An explosion of freshness. Sparkling and enveloping, Chia Bay caters to a sports person, dynamic and carefree. A special mixture in which the essences of lemon, mint and bergamot meet the delicacy of roses and lavender to end up in a heady fragrance dominated by precious woods and white musk. For him and her.

Terre di Sardegna


Blue as the waters of the Costa Smeralda, where you can find the beautiful beach of Capriccioli, the fragrance presents itself with irrepressible energy thanks to notes of spice and grapefruit, which then give way to the hardness of the wood of Sardinia and finish off with the freshness of patchouli and Vetyver. A fragrance designed for determined and confident man that knows how to unconsciously captivate just like the beach from which it takes its name.

Lands od Sardinia: Perfumes of a Millenary Land